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The hidden benefits of flexible working

The Agile Working Event 2017 Event Partner, hfx, looks at the hidden benefits of flexible working.   You may be more flexible than you think   Flexible working has always been considered the preserve of public sector organisations, but increasingly it offers benefits for companies competing in the commercial marketplace – both for staff and[…]

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The Ramblings of an Agile Working Mind

By Janine Lamont, Marketing and Communications Consultant, Quidnunc   The forthcoming Agile Working Event, http://agileworkingevent.com/, 29 March 2017 in London prompted me to pen my thoughts on the subject of agile working.   What exactly is agile working and where does it begin?   The traditional habit of having to travel to an office every day,[…]


Agile Working Pitfalls

The business case is signed off, the Agile Working project has the backing of senior management, what could possibly go wrong? …well plenty, unfortunately.   Agile Working (or Smart Working if you still use that term) has been with us for a number of years now and almost all the press coverage has invariably been positive[…]