Agile Working Pitfalls

The business case is signed off, the Agile Working project has the backing of senior management, what could possibly go wrong? …well plenty, unfortunately.


Agile Working (or Smart Working if you still use that term) has been with us for a number of years now and almost all the press coverage has invariably been positive and there have been a number of significant success stories. But to assume an Agile Working project will always be successfully implemented and easily sustained is unrealistic. So what are the problems? These are some of the problem areas that I have encountered as an Agile Working consultant.


Not getting the governance right. Too often an Agile Working project is made the responsibility of just one department in an organisation, such as property, HR or IT. A single department will not have the knowledge or resources to address all the people, technology and workplace factors that need to be addressed in a successful implementation of Agile Working. The head of a single department may also lack the ‘clout’ to get the cooperation of the other enabling departments. A further error is not to consult the operational managers of the business functions and service departments when the Agile Working strategy is being formulated.

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